Monday, June 13, 2011

Party, Pig and lots of red and white.

So we recently celebrated my daughters 4th birthday party. She had requested an Olivia party, you know that pig that dresses in red and white stripes. Well I thought why not. I love party planning and making all the things associated with parties. So began the planning and searching for all the things required to make this an awesome party.

I love ebay and especially etsy. I was able to source some Olivia fabrics, the great old fashioned paper red and white stripe straws and some other little bits and pieces. Oh and who can go past those discount stores? I know I can’t.

I made all the labels and stickers on Photoshop and bought some cheap headbands to make pig ear headbands. My little one helped cut out some piggy noses to attach to some long ice-cream sticks.

The table display started with a simple party table cloth, the plastic type. Then a roll of white with black spot wrapping paper was used on top.

The paper ware was from paper Eskimo- which I bought from Myers. I used all kids of red, clear and white serving dishes to display the foods. The cute little piggy heads came from the nickjr website- they have heaps of things on there.

To decorate I made
-some tissue pom poms a la Martha Stewart,
-ruffled streamers (these were also used to decorate the piƱata- store bought and covered with ruffled streamers)
- The Alyssa banner was super simple and printed off
- pin the ribbon on Olivia’s ears was very popular too.

I also bought some paper lanterns to decorate with.

Oh and the food--- all red and white of course- I quickly decorated one, normally I would do more BUT the inside was red and white striped too!

I love parties and my little girl LOVED this one- she is still talking about it all the time.

Check out the photos ……………………

Stay tuned.

I am going to try to blog more often. I am also going to shift this to not just being about the sewing creations but just what happens here in the Skip Chasey crazy house. I feel like I need to write about things but then just get sidetracked.

So what is coming soon- posts about- Parties, cooking and what my little Miss 4 gets up to as well as the normal what is happening with Skip Chasey and when sales and new items will be release.

See you soon