Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting ready to relaunch in Chile

Hi all,

Well a lot has been happening and I am looking at relaunching in Chile (date to be advised). So what does this mean? I have been fabric shopping. Lots of beautiful fabrics are heading my way, when I said lots I mean lots (somewhere around 25yards). I have written a plan of what I would like to sell and will start crafting soon. There will be some of what I have already made but a lot of new products too, including some designs for Christmas. At this stage all designs will be available only to the Chilean market as postage overseas is too costly. Keep watching for sneak peaks of fabrics and items to be announced for sale soon. I have even designed a new logo. Fingers crossed all goes well.

I am getting excited, hope you are too.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few little things being sent to Oz & VHC

We have some friends here that are moving to Roxby downs where my very very Good friend lives. She has a gorgeous little girl so I thought I would send some things over to here

VHC- Very hungry Caterpillar- that is a story I will be reading with Alyssa's class so made a stuffed toy

I want to make up some of the food he eats just trying to work out what with LOL

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sewing room- reorganised

I decided that my sewing room needed a bit of reorganising. So I did it. I built 3 of the little cabinets (the 1st one was built by hubby).

I am liking more but still seem to lack some storage. So I am still sorting it all,not sure this process ever truely ends

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New fabrics New fabrics

I love getting new fabrics in the mail. See here in Chile the fabric range in VERY limited and the quality is well hmmmmm. So I order from Etsy.
here is my latest order sooo loving so many of these too.

1. Windham Merry Mushroom, Mushroom Garden in Yellow, 33"
2. Art Gallery by Patricia Bravo, Girly Girl Collection, Turquoise Retro Bows, 1 Yard
3. Bloom and Grow by My Mind's Eye, Primrose in Pink, 1/2 yard
4. Michael Miller, Beatrice Dream in Multi, 1 Yard
5. Bloom and Grow by My Mind's Eye, Primrose in Blue, 1/2 yard... See More
6. Flower Bucket by Genevieve Gail, Flower Stripe in Pink, 1 yard
7. Art Gallery by Patricia Bravo, Girly Girl Collection, Olive Vines, 1 Yard
8. Wendy Slotboom, XOXOXO The Cat, Small Cats in Blue, 1 yard
9. Wendy Slotboom, XOXOXO The Cat, Flower Trellis in Blue, 1 yard
10. Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket, Flowers and Butterflies in Pink/Turquoise, 30 inches
11. Michael Miller, Joy in Green, 1 Yard
12. Tanya Whelan Dolce, Ella in Pink, 1 yard
13. Amy Butler, Park Fountains in Green, 1 yard
14. Amy Butler, Daisy Bouquet in Mist, 31 inches
15. Wendy Slotboom, XOXOXO The Cat, Hugs in Blue, 1/2 yard
16. Bloom and Grow by My Mind's Eye, Multi Dots in Blue, 1/2 yard
17. Erin McMorris Wildwood, Forest in Lime, 1 yard
18. Joel Dewberry Deer Valley, Floral Drop in Persimmon, 1 yard

Monday, March 29, 2010

Twine wrapped Egg Tutorial

Twine Wrapped Eggs

Materials needed:

Eggs- blown or wooden/decopage eggs (I used blown eggs due to availability)
Paint- optional- my eggs were white so I did not bother
Hot glue gun and hot glue

Step one:
Heat up the hot glue gun.

Step two:
Wind some twine to make a circle- See photo

Step Three:
Attach to bottom of the egg with hot glue. See photo

Step Four:
Apply a thin layer of glue next to the circle you made- and wrap the twine. Repeat until egg is almost wrapped- See photo

Step Five:
When you are at the top of the egg and have almost finished wrapping the egg cut the twine and glue down.

Finished project- they are CUTE…

You can add a loop of twine before finishing off the wrapping of the twine in step five to create a hanging egg. Try wrapping with two colours of twine for a striped egg.

Long time but I did Sew

Yep I have been sewing and crafting and ejoying it.
Here are some of the things I have made recently

Heart Handbag

library Bags

Handbag for ME

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy sewing day

Well after not really doing much- I have been very busy sewing today- just felt like it- Funny thing that is with sewing- I really have to want to sew to enjoy it, otherwise it feels like a task.
So today's creations
Snack sack- reusable ziplock bag

ruby doll- my variation- lost the leg pattern and no printer so designed my own- Alyssa has called her Olivia

and a skirt out of 2 FQ's. really is just the width of the fabric and whatever length sewn into a circle then hemmed and a casing for the elastic- Super simple- I thought it would be a little too long- but I actually love it- Alyssa has butterfly sandals that will match very well. She is also wearing the singlet I refashioned the this week.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have been quiet lately

I have not done much sewing lately- a lot of fabric buying though- 18yards coming my way LOL. Have I mentioned how much I love Etsy???

anyway here are 2 of my latest creations.
A ruffle singlet for miss Alyssa and a camera strap cover for me. I have to make the pockets bigger next time- they were a fraction too small for my lens cover but will fit my extra SD cards. Oh and yes I have a new baby my Nikon d3000 SLR

In other VERY exciting news- I am teaching someone to sew- I am loving it- only one lesson so far but so happy to be teaching!!! I hope to get more people interested too!! that and cooking classes (I hope to run at some stage will keep me VERY busy LOL)