Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Christmas Card Design

Yep another Christmas card design- I am really loving playing with Photoshop and even though there are already 11 other Christmas card designs this year I am making more. This one is with no piccies.

We've Moved

Yep we have haha- so in Chile now have an address so thought I would make some we've moved cards to go in with the Christmas cards.

More Christmas cards.

Well I still have not decided on a Christmas card and still have way too many ideas for more.
So here are some more haha.

Monday, October 19, 2009

and some more silhouette bookplates

more for Alyssa- more new backgrounds

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some more Bookplates.

The Lovely Lynn loved my bookplates I did for Alyssa using her silhouette and since I already had Cassies Silhouette I offered to make some for her- there are 6 more different to the ones I did for Alyssa so 10 in total. Here are the 6 other ones.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some gorgeous Silhouette Bookplates.

I am in love with these- the worked out really well. I have made them 2x3 inches to fit almost all of her books- have HEAPS more but here are a few.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miss Alyssa

Alyssa is the reason Skip Chasey Started. So a little background story- I promise I will keep it short.
I was a member of a parenting forum and was making things for Alyssa and kept getting asked when I was going to sell my stuff. Well it took a lot of asking because seriously I did not think of my things being sales worthy. But thought what the heck and dove into the online sewing market. Seriously the support was amazing. I kept up a steady flow of sales (never really making too much- but who does?). Then a friend opened an online business where WAHM's (work at home mums) could sell their things. I jumped on board- not long after we made the decision to move to Chile- I then had the most sales I have ever had. I was selling, dresses, bibs, burp cloths, nappy clutches, breastfeeding covers and handbags online and then nonslip hairclips to friends. I Really Really love to craft. Alyssa would never wear bibs as a little bubba but she loves mummies bibs now.
So that is my story- my little girl made me get into the WAHM business. I hope to start up again here in Chile in the near future and have so much wonderful feedback from past customers that I hope it helps me along the way.
So here she is my Princess

I just bought some fabrics I just bought some fabrics

Well yes and they are SOOOOO cute. I love fabrics. Oh and I bought a pattern too.
So here is what I bought (it will take around 3 weeks to arrive- the other package from the states did too)


1 yard- Yui Kokeshi Sage - Alexander Henry


1 yard- Light Bright Multi - Alexander Henry


1 yard- Fuchsia Fresh Poppies Midwest Modern - Amy Butler Fabric


1 yard- Grey Garden Maze Midwest Modern - Amy Butler Fabric


Olive Garden Maze Midwest Modern - Amy Butler Fabric - Fat Quarter


Madison Bags - Amy Butler Midwest Modern Sewing Pattern


2 - extra fat quarters ( i knew there would be some extra room in the package- these 2 are a mystery and I will see what they are when I get them hehe)

All this for
$30.50 + $12.95 postage- MAJOR BARGAIN

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

things I want to sew

I am compiling a HUGE list of things I want to sew- it is getting bigger and bigger by the day. See what happens when you can't have and do things that you love- you start going a little crazy well that is my excuse anyway.

So to start things off

*Border Fabric Sundress Tutorial- Lil Blue Boo
Super cute sundress- you don't need border fabric but it is so cute- I think I have some border fabric in my stash too- Hopefully enough.

And her site is

*Twirly Skirts- there are sooooo many tutorials out there but I have a vision in my head of what I want so I think I will be not following one but incorporating a few into the design. I know I want it full but also will some cool details like a few layer look at the bottom. So stay tuned for this one.

*I might applique a few tops= I have some nice fabrics now.

* I want to make some cute ruffle bottom nappy covers or onesies- just not sure who these will be for? Oh and more baby things.

* A dress for Alyssa using a pattern I bought before moving here- it is SUPER cute.

* This CUTE as Ruffle sleeve top. Love the simplicty of it

* A pillowcase dress for Alyssa
*I would love to make myself something too maybe a new top.

* some tissue holders
*water bottle holders
*Oh and a ton of handbags.

So when all my stuff arrives I may go MIA

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yummy delicious Fabrics

Yes I have a slight obsession with Fabrics. I love the feel the look and what I can create with them. So I have bought some recently- even though I don't even have all my stuff yet- we are still in an apartment but I just HAD to have these (most are Amy Butler).
And here is a link to the beautiful fabrics I have waiting to be created into something

Some new Silhouettes

so after offering my services to create some Silhouettes I got a few people reply and here are their precious little ones in Silhouettes.