Monday, March 29, 2010

Twine wrapped Egg Tutorial

Twine Wrapped Eggs

Materials needed:

Eggs- blown or wooden/decopage eggs (I used blown eggs due to availability)
Paint- optional- my eggs were white so I did not bother
Hot glue gun and hot glue

Step one:
Heat up the hot glue gun.

Step two:
Wind some twine to make a circle- See photo

Step Three:
Attach to bottom of the egg with hot glue. See photo

Step Four:
Apply a thin layer of glue next to the circle you made- and wrap the twine. Repeat until egg is almost wrapped- See photo

Step Five:
When you are at the top of the egg and have almost finished wrapping the egg cut the twine and glue down.

Finished project- they are CUTE…

You can add a loop of twine before finishing off the wrapping of the twine in step five to create a hanging egg. Try wrapping with two colours of twine for a striped egg.


  1. Very cute - a jar full of them in different colours would look stunning ~ Im off to buy some wool tomorrow! Thank you so much for the tute!

  2. Thanks- make sure you put a link to what you make back here. I would love to see it.