Sunday, August 7, 2011

Loving the life I am living

It sometimes is hard and things can get us down. I must say yes there are things that I would love to change about my life but for now I am living with them and dealing with them in the best way that I know how. So let's talk being grateful. Things that you are happy to have in your life, things that may even make it harder or easier day to day.

So what am I grateful for:
- A husband that stands by me and now sees the potential in what I make and sell (never will be a full time career- but a nice little money maker at the moment)
- A daughter that is here with us and healthy (mostly). So many others are unable to have children or have suffered the loss of a child. The time I have with her is so special even if she does drive me crazy sometimes.
- For family. My family always support me it whatever decisions I make even if they seem like the wrong ones.
- My friends- they know that I am crazy but will be there if they need it, just like they are for me.
- Being able to do something I love- sewing, cooking etc.
- Being healthy- could not do this without my WW family hehe- love you girls.

What are you Grateful for???

In other news- I am nearly finished all my custom orders over at Skip Chasey and will hope to have a market night at the end of the month. Stay tuned and see what is happening.

Also over at The Sewing Sisterhood we are sharing the Journey of our Scrappy Doll Martha as she travels Australia seeing the sites- I blogged today about her.

Until next time- have fun!

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