Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miss Alyssa

Alyssa is the reason Skip Chasey Started. So a little background story- I promise I will keep it short.
I was a member of a parenting forum and was making things for Alyssa and kept getting asked when I was going to sell my stuff. Well it took a lot of asking because seriously I did not think of my things being sales worthy. But thought what the heck and dove into the online sewing market. Seriously the support was amazing. I kept up a steady flow of sales (never really making too much- but who does?). Then a friend opened an online business where WAHM's (work at home mums) could sell their things. I jumped on board- not long after we made the decision to move to Chile- I then had the most sales I have ever had. I was selling, dresses, bibs, burp cloths, nappy clutches, breastfeeding covers and handbags online and then nonslip hairclips to friends. I Really Really love to craft. Alyssa would never wear bibs as a little bubba but she loves mummies bibs now.
So that is my story- my little girl made me get into the WAHM business. I hope to start up again here in Chile in the near future and have so much wonderful feedback from past customers that I hope it helps me along the way.
So here she is my Princess

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