Tuesday, October 13, 2009

things I want to sew

I am compiling a HUGE list of things I want to sew- it is getting bigger and bigger by the day. See what happens when you can't have and do things that you love- you start going a little crazy well that is my excuse anyway.

So to start things off

*Border Fabric Sundress Tutorial- Lil Blue Boo
Super cute sundress- you don't need border fabric but it is so cute- I think I have some border fabric in my stash too- Hopefully enough.

And her site is http://lilblueboo.blogspot.com/2009/06/border-fabric-sundress-tutorial.html

*Twirly Skirts- there are sooooo many tutorials out there but I have a vision in my head of what I want so I think I will be not following one but incorporating a few into the design. I know I want it full but also will some cool details like a few layer look at the bottom. So stay tuned for this one.

*I might applique a few tops= I have some nice fabrics now.

* I want to make some cute ruffle bottom nappy covers or onesies- just not sure who these will be for? Oh and more baby things.

* A dress for Alyssa using a pattern I bought before moving here- it is SUPER cute.

* This CUTE as Ruffle sleeve top. Love the simplicty of it


* A pillowcase dress for Alyssa
*I would love to make myself something too maybe a new top.

* some tissue holders
*water bottle holders
*Oh and a ton of handbags.

So when all my stuff arrives I may go MIA

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