Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alyssa's new handbag

So here is Alyssa's new handbag. It is so different to how it started out. It was going to be one of those ones that uses bangles as the handles but I did not like how small the opening would be. So I changed it made a lining and squared off the bottoms. I sewed the handles by sewing on the ribbon. Then attached to the outer bag. I then folded down both the lining and outer fabric and used a decorative stitch (Alyssa chose it out) to stitch it all together. It is reversable but really the denim is the outer only for me. Alyssa loves it. It is totally far from being perfect. The ribbon detail was in the right place for the bangle handbag but when I squared off the bottoms ofcourse it was a little low. Oh and the heart decorative stitch bunched up a bit when going over the handles- that was a lot to sew through. But it is SUCH a simple bag to sew- the outer and inner are one piece each using a DVD case opened and on the fold of a fabric piece as the template. I needed something rectangular to draw around. All those people with FQ's this would work from one of those and you really do not have to line it. All my edges were serged before sewing though.

Here she is.

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