Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tutu's and Aprons

So last nights sewing was a tutu and an apron for Alyssa.

I had the tulle cut and gathered and started attaching it to the elastic, of course the first time I did not stretch the elastic haha- but i had done a zig zag and was able to get the stretch back BUT then I added the ribbon at the waist and was not going to make the same mistake twice so stretched the elastic as I sewed ONLY I stretched it way too much. Luckily I fixed it by threading through some thinner ribbon and now it is adjustable. Well it looks cute and Alyssa loves it

there are so many tutorials out there to make aprons from a teatowel- but really it is pretty simple. Buy a teatowel cut a strip approx 5cm off both long sides. On one of the shorter ends cut another 5cm strip- I had an applique on mine- making that the bottom of the apron so I cut the other end which would become the top. On the two longer strips stitch up the cut edge to match the already hemmed edge. On the shorter one you can do the same (although I found this to be very wide and would sew it in 1/2 next time). Measure how long you want the apron and cut off the excess from the short cut edge. I then cut out a J shape on both sides of the top (this is the short edge that has been cut) to allow for the bib shape- this is just a guessing bit- no measurements here. Now turn and topstitch all the cut edges- I started with the sides then the J's and the top was turned down a bit more then the edges. Now attach the straps the shorter one is for the neck strap and the others are waist ties. I think I might add a velcro to the neck strap next time just to make things easier.

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