Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Menu

Hi Everyone,

I am on a journey to make yummy and healthy foods. Being a Weight Watchers member means that I am constantly trying out some yummy and low fat meals. Our fridge has gone from having a lot of processed foods to being mainly fresh produce. Yes our grocery bill may have gone up in the one shop but over all it has gone down as I am not impulse buying and shopping a few times a week AND my weight on the scales has gone down.

On the weekend we grocery shop for the week and this is based on the menu plan that I have written up. I must admit having a plan has made life a lot easier.
Here is this weeks menu at my house:

Saturday: Lamb Shanks in a mushroom ragout
Sunday: Spiced steak with roasted tomatoes and kidney bean salad
Monday: Tuna, rice and tomato bake.
Tuesday: Thai Chicken Broth
Wednesday: Dukkah Lamb Cutlets
Thursday: Indian Chicken with quinoa salad
Friday: Honey Mustard Pork.

I must admit since menu planning we are eating a greater variety of foods and I am enjoying trying out new recipes. Just need to get Miss 4 to eat what we do- she is very fussy.

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