Sunday, January 22, 2012

As time moves forward

It seems not that long ago that Miss 4 came into this world. She has brought us so much joy and seriously amazes us every day.

Today saw her first day of Prep and well even though she did do schooling when we lived in Chile it was still a bitter sweet moment. It was made all that more easier to see that the little girl she played with last week would indeed be in her class and they have totally hit it off. She was so ready to head off to BIG school and I think she will really thrive.

So now I will have no one home with me for the 5 weekdays during the day. Which hopefully means more creating time for Skip Chasey.

For those that sent their little ones off to school, I hope the transition is a wonderful one with so many new and exciting experiences.


  1. She is beautiful and does look so grown up. She has such beautiful, beautiful eyes!

  2. Thanks Jane. She is looking more and more grown up. Her Bug eyes (that is what hubby calls them) are hopefully always going to stay