Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinterest: Have you Joined the pinning Movement yet?

Pinterest is one of the largest growing communities on the Internet. It is not an entirely new concept with many crafty/ arty/ organisational people already making story boards of projects, ideas and well just things that they love.

The beauty with Pinterest is: when visiting a website you come across something that you love, be it a picture or maybe even a project, and you want to remember it, file it away, have it handy when you next want to access it, well there is a way Pin it!!. I have the little Pin it tab on my tool bar and have used it a few times.

I love pinning and have a few boards to pin my loves to. I pin tutorials, photos, crafts, clothes, kids projects, printables and the occasional hunky man. It is highly addictive and you need an invite to join in. BUT be warned once you start pinning it can get highly addictive.

Well there you have it Pinterest and my love for it........ Go Forward and PIN ON !!!!


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